Polaris simplifies branch banking operations; reduces it to suite of 38 apps

Chennai, September 24, 2014. We hear of a new app everyday -- and  they are overwhelmingly for individual users.  But an app for  bank branches to run their  services? Why not thinks Polaris Financial Technology  which today rolls out  what it calls the "World’s first App based integrated Sales, Services & Teller platform for branches". 
The Intellect Digital Branch solution  is aimed at helping banks  simplify their operation with faster execution and effective engagement at a lower cost.
The solution grew out of awarness that  customers  today, are increasingly short on time and looking for convenience and efficiency in their interactions with the bank. They are also relying increasingly on mobile devices  and the Internet for transactions and other banking activities. Designed by Polaris at FT8012, the  world’s first Financial Technology design centre created in Chennai,  the solution distills  the operations of a retail banking branch  into just 38 apps.
Explains Jaideep Billa, CEO, Global Consumer Banking Division, Polaris FT: “The primary challenge facing banks today is to simplify banking and become the principal banker of the customer in the maze of multiple relationships held with different banks for various products. Powered by features such as 360-degree view of the client, service case resolution and role-based app Canvas, Digital Branch allows banks to capture the most out of every interaction, drive same experience across all touch points and simplify banking for their customers.”
The solution offers a complete range of branch banking Apps for branch staff: from Leads to Campaign dashboard, Quick Customer Opening, Account Services, Cash transactions, to Funds transfer, and so on. It uses pre-built technology building blocks, in the form of  apps, and can therefore readily accommodate new functionality requirements by adding on apps as required. It is based on patent-applied  Canvas Technology that enables CORA (Configure Once Run Anywhere) framework. This means , Digital Branch apps can be configured once to appear on different devices such as desktop, mobiles and tablets.