Chennai engineering students take top prize at NI design contest with their remotely controlled all-terrain vehicle

Bangalore, September 23, 2014: Students of Hindustan University, Kelambakkam, Chennai,    took  the  first prize in the annual Graphical System Design Competition, "Niyantra 2014" organized  here, by the US-based virtual instrumentation leaders, National Instruments last week. 
Their innovation was  INDUS -- Industrial Defense & Unmanned Ground System -- a remotely controlled, solar-powered, GPS-navigated, rough terrain vehicle that can be used as an unmanned bomb disposal  system -- or to enter disaster areas with relief. 
The  5-student team guided by Prof  G. Muthukumaran  spent  less than half a lakh of rupees to make the prototype, which they designed  using NI's LabView software. The students who worked on this project are: Sandeep Kumar, Mohit Gouda, Puranjan Das, Nitish Kumar and N.Naveen Kumar Reddy.
The runners up were from  the AWH Engineering College, Calicut ( Kozhikode), Kerala with their project "Shadow Bionic Arm".
There were about 2000 teams from India out of which 12 teams were selected for the finals .

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