On email's 32nd birthday, its inventor Ayyadurai looks back

August 31 2014:  Yesterday, was the  anniversary of the invention of email 32 years ago -- by a 14 year old Indian boy, V.A Shiva Ayyadurai in, Newark, New Jersey in the US. 
His claim to be the true father of email rather than US corporates who tried to hijack his invention, was upheld  by the US government which assigned to him the copyright to the term email in 1980.  He has since been supported by  leading US intellectuals like  Noam  Chomsky.
On the eve of email's anniversary, Ayyadurai spoke to Huffington Post in a video interaction, reiterating his claim and recalling the trauma of being denied  due credit  because he was  a  young school kid from an immigrant family. See the story and video here