GEHealthcare hosts India's first healthcare hack-a-thon

27th July 2014
GEHealthcare hosts India's  first  healthcare hack-a-thon

Bangalore, July 26, 2014: India's first  Jugaad-a-thon * held in Bangalore last week, brought 250 young engineers as well as clinicians and entrepreneurs in  a 48 hour marathon quest to find   new solutions to pressing maternal and child health challenges.
After two days of around-the-clock work by participants and mentors, 34 new potential solutions were presented to a panel of judges – ranging from new tools for antenatal care to disruptive technologies for newborn asphyxia.
Said Elizabeth Bailey, Director of the Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Global Health: “The energy and level of innovative thinking in this hack-a-thon surpassed any expectation we had..., we saw clinical challenges drive innovative ideas, which then spawned new life-saving technologies for women and children in India. The Jugaad-a-thon was open innovation at its best.”
Price awarded included:
Top Prize: Team “Baby Steps” received Rs. 2,50,000 (USD $4,100) for developing a unique and integrated mobile app for early diagnosis of developmental delays in children across India.
First Runner Up: Team “Pec Dia” received Rs.1,50,000 (USD $2,500) for developing a solution to diagnose Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD) in pregnancies after 37 weeks by any healthcare worker
Second Runner Up: Team “Pregmatic” received Rs. 75,000 (USD $1,250) for the development of an affordable wearable device that reminds pregnant women about key milestones in pregnancy when they must see a medical professional.
All three of the cash prize winners also received three years of incubation support at the Mazumdar-Shaw Medical Center’s Healthcare Technology Incubator.
 Full list here:
The event was organized by CAMTech and Glocal Healthcare, and hosted by GE’s John F. Welch Research Centre.

*Jugaad is an Indian term for  frugal innovation