Indian developer creates virtual biz desktop for SMEs

18th October 2009
Indian developer  creates  virtual biz desktop for SMEs

Bangalore-based business systems specialists,Novoally Software ( ) have launched a virtual computer system on the cloud for small and medium enterprises. Called, the system, opens via a web-browser and provides businesses with the power of full-fledged enterprise computing, without the need of any server or expensive hardware or software. The company has also launched a ‘lite’ version,, which is free for small and new businesses.

The online ‘business computer’ includes programmes to manage sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, accounts, reporting etc. The system allows users to securely access their business data from anywhere in the world, using 256 bit SSL encryption.

As the servers reside at Novoally Software’s data-centers, the business owners don’t have to bother with maintaining expensive server hardware and software. All that’s needed is a web-browser & an internet connection, and any business is ready in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

“Our motto is to empower Indian SMEs with the same computing depth as any world-class ERP system, allowing them to leverage the power of IT without getting burdened by complexities and cost”, says Gaurav Jain, founder-CEO of Novoally. For less than  Rs. 1000 per user,  businesses are offered the benefits of lean inventory, controlled workflows and enhanced productivity. Individual modules on annual rental are priced between Rs 35,000 and Rs 9 lakhs on the product website ( )

Oct 18 2009