Indians place high value on their digital assets, but do precious little to protect them, finds McAfee study

Mumbai, July 15, 2014: A survey by Intel-owned security specialistys, McAfee, finds that  Indians  place a very high value on their digital assets  --  second only to users in  the US.
India with an average cited value of $41,589 is preceded by North American (U.S. and Canada) having an average cited value of $52,154.This  compares with an average value of $28,461 US across Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands), $23,938 US in Japan and $20,948 US ($21,723 AU) in Australia.
That said, Indians seem to like living dangerously: 60% store digital assets on devices that would be impossible to re-create, re-download or re-purchase. 62% of respondents claimed that they do not protect smartphones with comprehensive security. 85% of respondents claimed that they do not protect tablets with comprehensive security.
Almost half of the surveyed Indian respondents said they personally own three-to four devices in their houses. Of this, 49% were male and 46% were female respondents. 33% of the Indian respondents said they spend between 5 and 10 hours a week on their mobile devices and 24% of the people said they spend more than 20 hours on their mobile devices for personal use.
"With the proliferation and adoption of multiple internet enabled devices in Indian households, there is a compelling need to store and secure personal data and identity across all the devices," says Jagdish Mahapatra, McAfee's Managing Director, for India and SAARC.