India still bottom of the Asia class -- broadband-wise: Akamai report

29th June 2014
India still bottom of the Asia class -- broadband-wise: Akamai report

Bangalore,  June 29 2014:    India’s 4.9% adoption of Broadband Connectivity places it at a global rank of 85. Connection speed saw an average of 1.7 Mbps in Q1 ’14  -- placing India in the lowest rank in the Asia Pacific region.
India saw a 26% increase in attack traffic placing it  in the top 10 countries with attack traffic. India and China had one of the lowest readiness rates for Global 4K Ultra HD video at 0.3% and 0.2% respectively.
These are some of the highlights of  Akamai's First Quarter 2014 ‘State of the Internet’ Report  released last week.
Globally 11% of  connections are “4K ready”. Europe continues to lead in IPV6 adoption with eight of the top 10 countries. Global average peak connection speeds dropped 8.6% in the first quarter of 2014, year-over-year trends remained positive with a 13% increase.
“While there continues to be room for improvement in high broadband adoption and average peak connection speeds in some areas of the world, the trends we’re seeing remain very positive,” said David Belson, the author of the report. “Steady year-over-year growth suggests that a strong, global foundation is being built for the enjoyment of next generation content and services like 4K video and increasingly connected homes and offices, and that connectivity will continue to evolve to support the growing demands these emerging technologies will place on the Internet.”
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