NIIT is top IT trainer brand -- in China!

01st October 2009
NIIT is top IT trainer brand  -- in China!
Prakash Menon in the Nanjing Road, Shanghai, branch of NIIT ( Photo: Anand Parthasarathy)

Leading India-based IT trainer NIIT, has been honoured as" the most influential IT Training Brand in China". The global talent developer was also judged to be: the most influential Brand in Franchising within the training industry of China; among the top ten in the overall training industry and in student placement within training in China.

NIIT received the accolades at a recent function in Beijing, to mark the 60th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. The citations were announced by the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy (CSEDS), under the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The event also singled out Prakash Menon, President, NIIT China, and one of the longest serving Indian technologists in that country ( he and his family has been in China continuously from 1997). He was honoured for influencing the development of Training industry in China.

For NIIT and its  respected brand, in IT education, the Chinese recognition is vindication of its decision to enter this uncharted territory in 1997 -- and its pragmatic development of the market in the decade since. In 2001, NIIT upgraded its software development courses to meet local requirements , and established a solely foreign invested company - NIIT (Shanghai) Co Ltd. -- to provide globally synchronous IT courses for its partners in China. It also introduced the IT education licensed league mode in China's education industry. NIIT has launched popular courses, that reflected local aspirations: like Network Engineer Curriculum and Magic Code Gaming Engineer Curriculum and the Mastermind Software Engineer. Today, NIIT has 183 cooperative education and training sites across 25 provinces and cities in China.

NIIT programs are typically “embedded” inside the Chinese university/college IT curriculum. Chinese students may undergo a 4 year Bachelor Degree program or a 3 year Associate Degree programme, post 12th grade, in Information Technology. The NIIT curriculum is an integral part of both these programs across 129 universities and colleges in China. While the university system continues to teach the rest of the subjects that a student undergoes such as Chinese language, Science etc to obtain a Bachelor Degree, the IT portion is completely from NIIT. The students get the degree or the associate degree from the university/government and also receive a certificate, GNIIT (Graduate of NIIT), from NIIT.

“The NIIT inside model, where we embed our curriculum into a university’s Bachelor Degree programme, shows how pragmatic the Chinese are. If you have something better, they want it. We also have an engagement with a province called Jiangsu (near Shanghai) where the government vision is for NIIT to train 2,00,000 students in five years. Both in Chongqing and Wuxi, the governments have come forward and given us the complete infrastructure for free, student dorms included,” Menon explained to me when I visited some of the NIIT centres in China last year. 
 -- Anand Parthasarathy, October 1 2009

Prakash Menon, an active member of the China-based  Indian Association (and a former President), networking the 2,800-strong Indian community in Shanghai with 4,000 in Guangzhou and some 1000 in Beijing. Last year, he spoke to Hindu Businessline suggesting how Indian should do business in China:

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