Analytics, key to competitive advantage in financial services business: Dun & Bradstreet

14th June 2014
Analytics, key to  competitive advantage in financial services business: Dun & Bradstreet

Chennai, June 14, 2014: The  volume of transactions of an enterprise is important --  but equally so,  is the pattern of transactions, says S. Ganesh,  CEO of  Dun & Bradstreet Technologies and Data Services.  This is where  decision management  and predictive analytics can be so  useful, helping banks and financial institutions to  fine tune their operations -- and offerings -- to stay ahead of the competition.
In fact,  the  bottom of the financial services pyramid -- microfinance --  has emerged as the biggest user of analytics.  Many of these tools  including 'self learning' models  have been crafted  by Dun and Bradstreet's Indian engineers and subject specialists  based in Chennai.
Recent  solutions include  big data  analtics which  enable companies to predict user trends on a real time basis and prepare customised promotional campaigns to boost revenue per user and quickly adjust as per changing user demands.
One of the  biggest among emerging opportunities is in the realm of healthcare, says Ganesh.  Governmental spending on health  is expected to grow steadily from around 1.4% of GDP this year to 2 % by 2020. This is a huge opportunity for  Indian IT  solution providers, because  the sector is is only sparingly IT-enabling its operations today. But this could well be the Next Wave. 
Dun & Bradstreet’s India recently released study "Outlook Report, 2014-15"  find with regard to the IT and IT enabled services industry that India is expected to increase its expenditure on cyber and data security to bring it at par with other developed nations and maintain its lead as a key destination for outsourcing.    Offshoring  of engineering and R&D services  to India, will continue  at a healthy pace.
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