Indian developer shifts office solution to the cloud

29th September 2009
Indian developer shifts office solution  to the cloud
Owtsar CEO Samuel Martyn James addressing electronic media at the launch of i Cube Office in Chennai Sep 28

Chennai-based Owtsar’s i-Cube Office integrates multilingual web hosting and office tools to offer affordable SaAS for small enterprises. In what is arguably the first multilingual cloud computing offering for small and medium enterprises to flow from India, Chennai- based Owtsar Technologies has unveiled its I Cube Office solution in a web-based software-as-a-service mode.
At the first unveiling of the service in Chennai, September 28, Owtsar CEO Samuel Martyn James, said the product would allow small enterprises to concentrate on their core competence without having to bother with setting up their own physical IT operation. I Cube Office is a smooth mix of two services: traditional web hosting, with a company able to establish its own-name URL and web presence; with a full suite of tools that enable all typical office routines-- enquiries, quotations, orders, appointments human resource management, internal and external communications -- to be handled in a user friendly and visually attractive way.

It also includes features like multimedia chat which places an easy video conferencing tool in the hands client companies . 
Earlier iterations of this product tended to be ‘shrink-wrapped’ software for working the application on the client’s own system. But the I Cube Office launched on Monday is conceived as a fully web based ‘ Cloud computing offering where Owtsar will host the entire service on their own secure US-based servers. At the media launch in Chennai, iCube was shown toggling smoothly between Tamil and English versions. Mr James said an Arabic version was also in advanced stages of development. Meanwhile, the basic offering has been customised for specific verticals like health, education etc. 

The i Cube service  is expected to be offered for under $ 25 per month, Owtsar  executives, said informally.

iCube Office was formally launched at the Chennai event, by Anand Parthasarathy, Editor,IndiaTechOnline .

Chennai, Sep 29 2009