WiFi driving Indians to opt for 3G, 4G data cards: 6Wresearch

03rd June 2014
WiFi driving Indians to  opt for 3G, 4G data cards:   6Wresearch

Bangalore, June 3, 2014:  4G cards represent the biggest growth story in the India data card business -- registering over three-fold growth in the first quarter of 2014, compared to the previous three months.  Overall  1.60 million data cards were shipped  in Q1 2014, with  China-based Huawei  the  biggest seller. ZTE led sales in CDMA cards while the  Micromax was the biggest seller in the GSM card business.
Just under half  the dongles sold -- 43% -- were of  the 72 MBPS  type while  4G cards, as yet a new phenomenon  have taken 16% of the market.
These are findings in a market study by 6Wresearch.
Currently, every household in India has around 3-4 gadgets and all of them requires internet connectivity. As a result, OEM’s are concentrating on WI-FI based Data Cards to cater to the multiple needs of consumers through one single device, suggests the study. It is expected that 4G Data Cards would continue to grow and give intense competition to the 3G Data Card market. Increasing consumer awareness and initiatives like free WI-FI zone, availability of internet in public transport would further boost India Data Card market.