Mumbai pizzeria delivers -- by drone

22nd May 2014
Mumbai pizzeria delivers -- by drone
Soft landing for a Mumbai pizza! Images courtesy YouTube Video by MindTheNews

Mumbai May 22 2014: A Mumbai pizza joint has become the  first in India to -- experimentally -- deliver a pizza by drone.  Francesco's Pizzeria, in the Lower Parel area,  did a test delivery on May 11 to  the 21st floor terrace of an apartment in Worli about 1 1/2 kms away. 

"All of us had read about (global e-commerce giant) Amazon's plans of using drones. We successfully carried out a test delivery," the outlet's chief executive Mikhel Rajani, said, according to DNA. However in a what is a typical Indian reaction to any path breaking initiative, the paper headline that  cops are 'concerned', complaining that they were not informed and suggesting permission of the Director General of Civil Aviation may be required. The paper also quotes Pahad Azad, who put together this project for the pizza chain: . "It was a hobby aircraft, which was modified to carry a pizza and, since we were not flying it near any sensitive zone, taking permission from DGCA was not required."  

In  fact Pizza by drone is nothing new. It was attempted as far back as 2012 in the Free University of Berlin, Germany. We have a video here.

Last year leading pizza chain, Dominos tried out  delivery via drone in the UK. We bring you a video of that too here.

Thanks to   MindThe News who created a You Tube video of the Mumbai experiment. You can look at it in  the Tech Video section on our home page.

Way to go guys! You're ahead of the times -- but the times, they are a-changin' -- and  we're predicting drone delivery will soon be normal world wide in a few years subject to some reasonable restrictions.

Here is a link to the Press Trust of India story ( in Times of India) that broke  this news in India yesterday