When software testing meets crowdsourcing...

Bangalore May 13 2014: Software testing, as  product developers know only too well,  is time consuming and is still below expectation. Lack of test resources and the changing nature of software landscape has brought about a shift from traditional testing methods to a  novel and more dynamic way of testing which draws inspiration from  the recent trend called Crowd Sourcing.
Say hello to Crowdtesting.
Just over a year  ago , the global  pioneer of crowdsourced testing --  the Switzerland-headquartered  PASS Group -- started operations in India.

 “What specifically sets us apart from other on-demand/crowdsourced testing firms is that our model is based on high quality and professionalized testing. We have developed a global community of professional software testers and end-users from over 100 countries, a leading-edge crowdtesting platform (www.passbrains.com) and best practices to deliver “managed crowdtesting services”,  says Dieter Speidel, Global CEO of PASS Group.
PASS also offers enterprises and channel partners to use the passbrains platform in self-service mode or to license a white labeled version of the crowdtesting platform. The passbrains platform and testers community provides instant access to the skills of thousands of qualified testing professionals worldwide, allowing for on-demand testing of web, mobile and enterprise applications, across multiple devices, configurations, language and locations.
Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, PASS Technologies runs strategically located development and delivery centers in Zurich, Belgrade, Bangalore and Mumbai testing to enterprises in diverse industries.
Says Mayank Mittal, Director and Country Head, Pass India: "Bangalore is an ideal location to support the rapid growth of our global delivery centre for crowdtesting; several projects for global enterprises are already managed from our location today."
With over 20,000 thousand testers across the world and 3000 testers in India, Pass offers applications testing  at a faster, cheaper rate and with an assurance of a great quality product.
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