Indian talent-fuelled Interra, finds opportunity in enterprise mobility arena

02nd May 2014
Indian talent-fuelled Interra, finds opportunity in enterprise mobility arena

Delhi, May 2 2014: What drives Interra, the largest privately held offshore consulting company with operations in India?
'Hunger', says  President and Managing Director Asoke Laha
. It is the collective hunger of all its people to excel, to be the  best of breed in every niche they address, he explained  on a recent visit to the San Jose, California- headquartered company's  twin global delivery centres in NOIDA, near Delhi, and in Kolkata.
Since co founding the company  with Dr Ajoy Bose, in Delhi, back in 1995, -- both were senior executives  at Cadence Design Systems --  Laha has seen the roster of Interra's clients grow to include such names as Dell, HP and VMWare. The company offers a portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services with a focus on product engineering services, ERP solutions, web-based custom enterprise applications and mobile application development.
"We don't try to compete with the likes of Infosys or Wipro", Laha says, "We look to serve  the very large number of  mid sized companies  in the $ 1 million to $ 10 million size range -- and many of our clients are Fortune 1000 companies".
Evolving with the rapid changes in technology, Interra  sees a niche opportunity in  enterprise mobility. It's own solution in this area  is an integrated end-to-end Mobile Solution which  streamlines and mobilizes manual business processes making real time information available at the click of a button.
The  healthcare arena has been a recent Interra focus and their  mobility solution  is helping transform the industry, alerting doctor, monitoring patients, consulting specialists, updating patient records.... all around popular devices like smartphones or tablets.
Similar 'mobile' solutions are flowing from Interra's  India-based developers  working in areas like telecom, Retail, Financial Services and  Logistics.   And yes, in keeping with the company's mantra, we might call them their own  Hunger Games!