Indian broadband adoption doubles, but connection speeds still lowest in the region: Akamai report

24th April 2014
Indian broadband adoption doubles, but connection speeds  still lowest in the region: Akamai report

Cambridge (Mass.  US): April 24, 2014: India’s average Internet connection speed is  1.5 Mbps, the lowest in the APAC region finds the latest ( 4th quarter 2013) State of the Internet Report from leading cloud services provider Akamai.
The country  saw more than double the broadband adoption rates in the fourth quarter of 2013 compared to the same the fourth quarter of 2012.  Her broadband adoption rate reached 3.6%, a 97% YoY change.
However India’s 0.4% adoption rate of High Broadband Connectivity  ( greater than 10 MBPS) placed it lowest in the APAC region. Her average connection speed saw an average of 1.5 Mbps in Q4 ’13, a Quarter on Quarter (QoQ) change of 4.4% and a YoY change of 31%.
 India’s average peak connection speed saw the number peak at 10.9 Mbps in Q4 ’13, a  QoQ change of 21% and a YoY change of 30%.
The global average Internet  connection speed continued to improve, with a quarterly increase of 5.5%, reaching 3.8 Mbps. South Korea held the top spot from quarter to quarter, reporting the highest average connection speed of 21.9 Mbps.  Quarterly increases seen in Ireland (8.4% increase to 10.4 Mbps) and the United States (2% increase to 10 Mbps) helped push both countries to average connection speeds of 10 Mbps or more. These are some of the key global findings of Akamai's Fourth Quarter, 2013 State of the Internet Report.
Overall, 133 qualifying countries/regions ended the year with higher average connection speeds than the year before, contributing to an increase of 27% from the end of 2012
Said David Belson, Editor of the State of the Internet Report “We’ve reached a significant milestone in the improvement of average connection speeds: the fact that all of the top 10 countries/regions’ average connection speeds are now at or exceeding the high broadband threshold."
During the fourth quarter of 2013, Akamai identified 188 countries/regions that originated observed attack traffic, which are three more than last quarter. China maintained its position as the country that originated the most observed attack traffic, with quarter-over-quarter growth from 35% to 43%. It was followed by the United States at 19% (up from 11%) and Canada – which grew by 25 times quarter-over-quarter to 10%.

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