Indian engineers of Philips craft palm sized ultrasound, ECG

07th April 2014
Indian engineers of Philips craft palm sized ultrasound, ECG

Bangalore, April 7 2014: Today is World Health Day -- and IndiaTechOnline is proud to report on two  pieces of outstanding innovation for the global diagnostic healthcare market -- flowing from the work of Indian engineers and doctors at the Philips Innovation Campus in Bangalore.
Last week saw the global unveiling of a compact  ultrasound system -- VISIQ -- which shrinks conventional  Ultrasound  machines to palm size:  all you need in addition is a display screen -- a Tablet PC for example.
VISIQ is the first Philips ultrasound system which combines various features such as high performance and simplicity into a compact single miniaturized solution. It allows clinicians to increase access to quality diagnostic scans for Ob/Gyn patients, especially in labor rooms and remote areas.
At the heart of the VISIQ system is a smart transducer that fits comfortably into the user’s hand. It comes with single probe solution, high quality 2D B&W pulse Doppler andcolor Doppler. It wakes from sleep mode to scan-ready in seconds, and can scan continuously for 2.5 hours on  a single battery charge. VISIQ delivers the same image quality of premium ultrasound system, allowing expectant parents to clearly see their unborn child’s fingers and toes on the tablet’s screen.Its touchscreen gesture controls are familiar to anyone who has used a smartphone or tablet, and allow users to capture images, take measurements and share data easily. In addition, VISIQ offers many of the same automatic image optimization features found on Philips’ premium EPIQ systems, as well as built-in Wi-Fi for DICOM data transfer to hospital or cloud-based PACS.
Says A. Krishna Kumar, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Philips India:  “VISIQ marks a new vision for Philips, allowing clinicians to take ultrasound where it has never been possible before,”. “From small clinics to community medicine programs, care workers now have access to ultrasound in the field to provide pre-natal scans to expectant mothers in remote areas who wouldn’t otherwise have access to this type of innovative technology – helping reduce maternal mortality."
The VISIQ ultrasound system is expected to cost around  Rs  1 million in India-- which makes it at least 50% cheaper than currently available colour ultrasound systems of comparable functionality.  More on VISIQ here

Pocket ECG!
Also unveiled last week was   a  handy diagnostic quality ECG machine intended for acquisition, recording, measurement, display and printing of simultaneous 12 channel ECG waveforms of patients in ECG room for both in-patient and outpatient. Fitting easily in one's hand, the ECG solution comprises of an acquisition device and an android application, which can run on a tablet/smart phone.  Like the VISIQ,   drastic reduction in size  has been achieved by splitting it across two hardware devices: a customized ECG Acquisition device and any off-the-shelf tablet.
The ECG is being prices at around Rs 45,000.  Results can be instantly sent to a cardiologist or other specialists as a simple mobile phone  multimedia message.... though first level diagnosis can be made by medical  orderlies.

 Making an ECG which can be used at the patient's  home  is an incredible achievement in miniaturization  -- and will save many lives, Dr Srinivas Prasad, PIC's CEO suggested.