NASDAQ opens development centre in Bangalore

27th January 2014
NASDAQ opens development  centre  in Bangalore

Bangalore, Jan. 27, 2014: Leading provider of trading and exchange technology and the parent behind the New York-based stock exchange, -- NASDAQ OMX -- has opened a new office in Bangalore to focus on developing new technologies and innovating current solutions, including the next-generation Investor Relations platform.
The opening underscores the expansion of the global exchange company's footprint in India, as it looks to deepen its business relationships and outreachwithin the Southeast Asia region.
Says Bob Waghorne, Senior Vice President, Global Technology Services, NASDAQ OMX: "Technological innovation is at our core -- fromcreating the first electronic exchange to building secure, SaaS,cloud-based solutions. Our Bangalore team will
collaborate with colleagues across the globe to develop and deliverresilient, powerful solutions that run the marketplaces of the world,and fuel better business decisions by our customers by mastering theflow of information with our technologies."
Adds Robert Frojd, Regional Manager, Southeast Asia, NASDAQ OMX. "Operating in Bangalore, India's technology capital, is a seamless fit. We're a company focused on delivering best-of-breed solutions to our customers who drive the world's economy. We look forward to the long-term opportunities our presence in Bangalore will provide for us."
NASDAQ OMX's technology solutions are used by over 10,000 customers in 60 countries consisting of public and private entities, exchanges, regulators and broker-dealers, and powers over 80 marketplaces worldwide.