Creating 'goodness' in the IT product business, is Tavant's mantra

16th January 2014
Creating 'goodness' in the IT  product  business, is Tavant's mantra
NASSCOM's Ashok Pamidi ( fourth from left) is flanked by ( left) Michael Coury ( CIIO,DFC) and Krishnan PP (CDO, Tavant) and other Tavant execs at the inauguration of Tavant's new facility in Bangalore, January 14 2014 ( Photo: IndiaTechOnline)

From Anand Parthasarathy in Bangalore
January 17 2013: The largest selling daily newspaper in Canada aimed to strengthen its competitive edge by deploying a content management system (CMS) and enhancing the user experience of its public facing website.
A large diversified media company in the US wanted to launch a news aggregation website on mobile devices, that would allow users  to customize and manage their personalized news content.
Leading game developers, Electronic Arts, wanted to give their best selling console games a new online avatar even as another respected name in gaming platforms -- Sega -- needed to build analytics to understand how buyers used its  products.

These diverse enterprises shared one thing in common: they turned to an Indian talent-fuelled, Santa Clara ( California, US)-headquartered IT solutions and services provider -- Tavant Technologies -- to get their job done.

On January 14, the Bangalore end of Tavant moved into an additional facility, geared to provide space for another 100 plus professionals, taking the creative workforce in this country ( in Bangalore and NOIDA in the National Capital Region) to over 1000.
The name of the company, now 13 years old, has its origins in the classical Indian language Sanskrit and means roughly 'a surfeit of goodness' -- and Michael Coury, Chief Innovation Information Officer at DFC Global Corp, a leading Pennsylvania (US)-based international, diversified non-bank financial services company responsibly serving unbanked and under-banked consumers and small businesses, agrees that the name is bang-on. As the anchor-man for one of Tavant's biggest clients, Michael has a dozen global projects in Point of Sale (PoS) systems, Business Intelligence and service delivery developed, supported and in some case steered by Tavant. Some 120 professionals work out of the Bangalore Tavant facility on the DFC account alone.
When the expanded Bangalore facility was inaugurated, Michael did the honours -- then stayed back for another two days of intense discussions with all of his teams at Tavant.
Says Krishnan PP, Chief Delivery Officer and head of Tavant's India operations:“ We pride ourselves on providing highly rated, domain expertise-led technology solutions... and to make them work, we have unparalleled commitment to customer success."
"Their flexibility is what I admire most", adds Michael, "They will get the job done, regardless of process challenges".
Warranty Management
In addition to its client-specific solutions, Tavant has carved out its own space ( and IP) in the area of warranty management: its warranty platform is licensed to dozens of enterprises worldwide.
On hand to lend support last week at the expansion in Bangalore was Ashok Pamidi, Regional Head ( Karnataka) for the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM). "Product development ( which is Tavant's forte) is the future for the India IT brand", he says adding that almost half of all product innovation in India happens in the country's Silicon City, Bangalore.

Even as the media and visitors wandered around the new facility, Tavant's young software professionals had slipped in beside the celebratory coloured balloons tethered to every desk, ready to take on the next chunk of innovation that would spread so much more goodness in the product innovation business.