Pune-based Josh Software crafts Ruby-on-Rails solutions for a global clientele

06th January 2014
Pune-based Josh Software  crafts Ruby-on-Rails solutions for a global clientele
Josh Software cofounders Sethupathi Asokan ( left) and Gautam Rege at the venue of the Garden City Ruby on Rails Conference, January 3 2014 ( Photo: IndiaTechOnline)

Bangalore, January 6 2014: Sharp focus on the  Ruby on Rails programming framework has enabled Josh Software to develop web solutions for its diverse client base that are often faster more scalable and robust than similar solutions on other platforms.
Like Educade.org, a revolutionary online portal that answers the need for teachers to learn before they can teach. GameDesk and leading U.S.-based telecommunications corporation, AT&T, who power Educade wanted to ensure that the experience of submitting content for the platform needed to be hassle free. There was also a major time constraint to have the framework built within three months. Due to this time constraint and the overall requirement, the management understood the need to utilize a Ruby on Rails framework, and approach India-based Ruby expert, Josh Software.
To enable quick filtering of the content through the classification of standard, subject, and tool type, the Josh Software team advised the client to send all the content and data to the browser to enable fast data loading and search
Like Bangalore-based software solutions and services provider Altizson whose cloud-based flagship product , Altizon Datonis, focuses on supporting manufacturing companies to provide a secure, manageable, readily available and reliable platform to monitor their production processes. In delivering this product, real time efficiency and scalability of the solution to deliver the data from the manufacturing set-up to any remote monitoring station were vital. Josh's brief was developing a solution to aggregate manufacturing data on a cloud for real-time and remote monitoring. Their solution, based on Rails allowed Altizon Datonis to be agile to adapt to any data set and parameter on real-time basis.
Ruby on Rails or simply Rails, is an open source web application framework which runs on the Ruby programming language. it allows creating pages and applications that gather information from the web server, talk to or query tIhe database. Since 2007, Josh has concentrated on building up core expertise in Rails which increasingly sees clients world-wide refered to this Pune based company for supercharging their Web-based tools and customer facing solutions, explained co-founders Gautam Rege and Sethupathi Asokan in a special briefing for IndiaTechOnline on the sidelines of the Garden City Ruby on Rails conference that Josh brings to Bangalore every year.

Many large enterprises from Cisco to IBM to Yahoo to NASA run their systems on a Rails framework. While the adoption in India is slowly picking up, it has the potential to be a game changer for the country, enabling enterprises to gain market leadership through crucial differentiation by way of speed and ability to respond, Rege feels.

Both Rege and Asokan have a background with Veritas ( Symantec) till they decided to start a company with Rails as its USP. In a hall overflowing with over 100 young Rails programmers who participated in two whole days of exchanges with some of the top Ruby on Rails practitioners and evangelists, it did seem that Josh and other event partners who included FlipKart, Qwinix, ParamiSoft, Nilenso and BangtheTable had set course on a Rail-road to success. http://www.gardencityruby.org/