IndiaTechOnline adds two new focus areas to cover e-learning and tourism technology

29th December 2013
IndiaTechOnline adds two new focus areas to cover e-learning and tourism technology

Bangalore December 30 2013: IndiaTechOnline completes five years today. As we enter the new year, we proudly launch two new sections devoted to education and e-learning --- and to the technology that drives travel and tourism.
Ever since we went live in 2009, we have tried to report on the exciting developments in Information Technology from an Indian perspective -- reflecting the achievements and innovation of Indians -- where ever they may be. We were thrilled to find that readers interested in an India view of all things IT were restricted to no one geography. We have also tried to provide our readers in India with a no-nonsense, practical take on IT-centred products, services, technologies and policies that touched their lives.
The range and pace of IT related happenings convinced us that online and e-nabled education would become increasingly important in the days and weeks to come. We thought it deserved a special section -- serving teachers, students, administrators and solution providers alike.
We were also surprised to find how many of the developments we reported upon, centred around travel, tourism and connected logistics including hospitality. With hotel rooms and flight or train tickets available with a few clicks of the mouse -- or a swipe across a tablet -- many of readers are discovering the joys of travel and tourism, both domestic and international. This is turn has challenged what is being called the TTL industry -- Travel, Tourism, Logistics -- to harness IT every which way they can to make the customer experience smoother, richer, hassle-free -- and let's face it, it does no harm to the balance sheets of the businesses concerned.
So starting today, we launch two sections dedicated to these booming verticals in the InfoTech spectrum. Needless to add we see India and Indians everywhere, playing an increasingly important role in creating the innovations that will drive the solutions in these two areas.
It will be our privilege at IndiaTechOnline to report upon these developments and help customers and service providers alike carve new, more friendly ecosystems. I am  often humbled by the innovations that flow from the most unlikely quarters in India -- and I look to you our loyal readers, to help us ensure that no great idea dies for want of public knowledge and attention.
If e-learning -- or travel and tourism is part of your workaday, do share your achievements with us and  if you feel you need to know what others are doing in your chosen area of expertise,  do send me a mail at will make sure you get regular alerts to the additions we make to these sections.
As for the rest of the IT spectrum, rest assured we will be covering that with the same diligence, we have tried to muster for five years now. We value your loyalty -- this has made IndiaTechOnline among the well ranked sites worldwide, in its chosen sphere. Happy New Year!
Anand Parthasarathy