SAP 'opens' up its development framework

12th December 2013
SAP 'opens' up  its development framework
SAP's Vishal Sikka watches as Infosys CEO SD Shibulal, describes the company's HANA-based applications, during the opening session of SAPTechEd in Bangalore, December 11 2013 ( Photo: IndiaTechOnline)

Bangalore, December 12 2013: Enterprise application software leader SAP, has thrown open -- literally -- its flagship platform HANA for wider development, by creating a new unified and open avatar of its UI5 development framework -- OpenUI5. This was one of the key announcements at SAP TechEd, the company's annual developer conference and the largest gathering of tech geeks in India which opened here yesterday. SAP is contributing key portions of its SAPUI5 framework as open source code on the GitHub site under an Apache Version 2.0 license

The company also unveiled SAP River, a new open real-time development environment for rapidly building complete native applications powered by SAP HANA.
The SAP River language allows a developer to design and specify all the semantic elements of a data-centric business application, including its data model, data constraints, the business logic and role based access control, within a single, coherent and integrated program specification. SAP River was a free giveaway on the bottle opener shaped USB memory stick that every one of over 4000 attendees received

“The extraordinary power of SAP HANA gives us an opportunity to totally rethink the developer experience,” said Dr. Vishal Sikka, member of the Executive Board of SAP AG, Products & Innovation. “We are very proud to release SAP River today, a key first step toward reimagining and dramatically simplifying the experience of application development. We are also excited to strengthen our commitment to the developer community with several key open source contributions and a new unified developer license that makes it easier for developers to get started with SAP technologies.”

Also unveiled was a new closed beta version of the SAP PowerBuilder application development tool intended to support new operating systems, databases and open standards and is planned for limited availability on December 15, 2013.

HANA ( or High Performance Analytic Appliance), its 3-year old  relational database platform continues to be the bedrock of SAP's enterprise offerings. The Bangalore event saw key partners like Infosys, ( in the person of its CEO S D Shibulal) come on stage to extoll the platform for the efficiencies it brings to key applications.   Subodh Dubey, CIO of Usha International, makers of  popular household appliances from fans and air conditioners to white goods,  claimed extraotdinary  efficiencies of 11,000x  in some transactions, after migrating their Enterprise Resource Planning apps to HANA
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