From India, a mobile tour guide app for the world's great spots

07th November 2013
From India, a mobile tour guide app for the world's great spots

November 7,  2013:  A  team of  Indian technology, travel and history lovers has crafted  what is claims is the world's first specialized & personal tour guide mobile application. Available worldwide today for  Android and iOS, Guiddoo provides an in-depth and highly researched audio visual guide to world famous monuments and attractions such as the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, the Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, Angkor Wat, as well as modern monuments like the Burj Khalifa, among others.

Guiddoo is an interactive app and allows for social sharing from within the app. Once downloaded on an Android smartphone or an iPhone, it does not require an Internet connection to access. Guiddoo is both a response to and a replacement for audio guides and other alternatives that are currently prevalent in the market.

 Visit to historical monuments/sites and attractions ranks high among reasons for travel. The Taj Mahal is visited by nearly 3 million every year, while the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, witnessed a footfall of 65 million visitors in 2012, a figure that is more than the number of tourists visiting cities like New York and Los Angeles, annually.

Guiddoo, the first personal tour guide app, offers a range of features that includes a step-by-step tour, key sights, timeline, history & trivia, images gallery, tourist information and more to make any travel memorable.

“Guiddoo is every travellers personal tour guide and is a must have travel companion. Current tour guide alternatives are limiting and often their experience is frustrating. Guiddoo is a mobile app that travellers can download on their smart phone, and use its text, visual and audio tour to make their experience fun, informative and pleasurable. It allows them to be in control as they can view, stop, repeat information as and when they please”, says Nidhi Varma, CEO & Founder Guiddoo Travels.


Guiddoo’s step-by-step tour offers a site plan of the given monument where each sight within the monument is thoroughly detailed with textual and audio content. The ‘key sights’ section of the guide on the Eiffel Tower, for example, starts with a brief on the Gustave Eiffel Statue, its designer. It goes on to further share information on the 72 names of scientist, engineers and mathematician that he engraved on the sides of the tower under the first balcony in recognition of their contribution that were restored in 1986 by the Societe Nouvelle d’exploitation de la Tour Eiffel and then the other sights at the Eiffel Tower.

Guiddoo’s ‘timeline’ feature provides details of the historic events associated with the monument. Guiddoo also allows a traveller to create his own history by checking into the monument and being a part of the timeline.

The section on ‘History and Trivia’ gives key facts about the monument from general information like the designer or the builder of the monument to unusual information such as that on the black Taj Mahal. Trivia on the Eiffel includes the fact that in 2009, it was named the third most popular place to commit suicide in Europe.

Guiddoo currently offers complete tour guides on 21 monuments in the English language. In the next one year, it plans to cover 100+ monuments and tourist attractions around the world in 9 languages including Spanish (Spain & South American), French, Italian, Hindi, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian. The text & visual content of the Guiddoo app is free of charge. The audio guide is priced at a one-time charge of US$ 1.99 which gives also gives a user a lifetime membership to the Guiddoo community and its share of fun and travel related activities across the globe. Once acquired by a user, all future updates will be available at no additional cost. 

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