Now, a standard definition set top box with recording, from Airtel

New Delhi, October 29, 2013: Airtel Digital TV, the DTH service arm of India-based telecom operator Bharti Airtel, has launched  a standard definition (SD) set-top-box with the feature of recording. 

The SD set-to-box will allow customers to enjoy recording by just plugging-in an external storage device offering them never before experience of TV viewing. What’s more…customers can just pause any TV show, even live  programmes for a quick TV break to attend to any chore like phone calls, door-bell etc and resume play once they are back to start from where they left off.
 Available at  Rs. 2000, it will allow customers to record their favorite TV programmes and watch them at leisure with a DVD like control of TV viewing with features such as pause, rewind, slow-motion viewing & fast-forward. Customer can just plug-in his/her own pen drive or other external storage device into the Airtel Digital TV+ set-top-box to start enjoying recording and can schedule the recordings even via mobile or internet.

Customers can record on an external storage device of up-to 2 Terabytes and create an unlimited personal content library by using multiple storage devices for the recordings.
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