NI's annual India conference points to emerging opportunities in Cyber Physical Systems

07th September 2013
NI's annual  India conference  points to emerging opportunities in  Cyber Physical Systems
From left, Dr James Truchard, Victor Mieres and Jayaram Pillai speak at the NI Days conference in Bangalore, Sep. 4 2013 ( Photos: Anand Parthasarathy/ IndiaTechOnline)

Bangalore, September 7, 2013:  What lies beyond embedded system engineering? Collaborating computational elements controlling physical systems, says  the 'father' of virtual instrumentation -- National Instruments' Founder-CEO, James Truchard.  Say hello to Cyber Physical Systems, he suggested, in his opening keynote at the annual NI Days conference  in Bangalore,  of   test and measurement leader, National Instruments.

The winning combo will be   big analogue data plus  interacting cyber elements plus the physical system,   feels "Dr T" as he is known in the industry . He added: "This is the 4th Industrial Revolution -- and India is  well poised to leverage the  upcoming trend where  the physical and  virtual worlds   merge, leading  to  the Internet of Things"

The event   on September 4 saw nearly 1000 engineers, researchers and scientists   join  at the annual showcase of NI solutions and Indian innovation in  virtual instrumentation and embedded systems.

NI's Managing Director for India, Russia and Arabia, Jayaram Pillai,  introduced  the latest  version -- 9068 -- of NI's  flagship reconfigurable embedded control and acquisition system, CompactRIO , fuelled by a  new  system on a chip -- ZYNC -- from  analog  devices leader Xylinx.  In a near simultaneous announcement, NI has also launched  MyRIO,  a  student-friendly version of its popular embedded hardware design kit. See our video here 

Victor Mieres, Vice President, Emerging Markets, Asia/Rest of World,  said " Being a global organization, NI has some region specific programs including Planet NI. The mission of Planet NI is to empower engineers in emerging countries to achieve sustainable prosperity by providing increased access to NI technology.” He introduced  compelling Indian applications of NI technology  like Udipi Tech's low cost TV system solutions for rural areas ( a popular app at the NI Tools Network ) and Promethean Power Systems' solar system -backed  rapid milk chiller  that  is being deployed at 50 locations in Tamil Nadu.

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