5 million users in India, LINE up for popular messaging app

28th July 2013
5 million users in India, LINE up for popular  messaging app

New Delhi, July 29, 2013 – LINE the free calling and messaging app, with over 200 million users worldwide, has come to India -- and logged 5 million users in three weeks. The app has been a success in the youth segment with its sticker and voice chat features becoming an instant hit and has been used extensively in all conversations happening through LINE app in India 
Says Jun Masuda, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer (CSMO) of Japan-based LINE Corporation: “We are extremely happy with the response to our service in India. This is the testimony that we are in the right market with the right product and at the right time. We believe that the framework for web based messaging has already been laid with consumers hooked to it and now are looking for a product that can elevate their communication experience through richer features and functionality. LINE comes in at the right time with an app that will transform the way people communicate in India. Our aim is to achieve 10 million users in India in a few months.”
LINE was launched on June 23, 2011 as a group communications service available across multiple devices and network carriers. It achieved 150 million users worldwide on April 30, 2013, a mere 23 months after its release, and is continuing to expand globally, with young adults taking up a major proportion of its user base.
User numbers are still growing in East Asia, where LINE has already established a strong hold. A rapid surge in user numbers was also seen in new regions, such as India and the Philippines in Asia, Spain in Europe, and Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina and Peru in South America. The accelerated growth in these regions has enabled LINE to achieve 200 million users worldwide as on July 21, only six months since hitting the 100 million user mark on January 18.
The Android version of LINE has exceeded 100 million downloads from Google Play on July 18, 2013. To date, only 26 of all the apps available on Google Play have managed to pass the 100 million download checkpoint, and only 12 of these are services and apps not provided by Google.
LINE Corporation is the local affiliate of Korea’s premier Internet company, NHN Corporation. LINE Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with Akira Morikawa as CEO.