Some action after long hiatus, on India's supercomputing scene

17th July 2013
Some action after long hiatus, on India's supercomputing scene

Bangalore July 19 2013: After a seeming hiatus for the last 3-4 years, India is slowly making a comeback in the supercomputing arena.
Eighteen months after the government promised a billion dollars or 50 billion rupees for the nation to build a supercomputer,
  little action can be seen on the ground – but individual efforts and purchases by scientific institutions saw a record 11 India based machines in the global Top 500 list released last month 

The fastest Indian supercomputer was a 719 teraflop machine at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology. The second fastest was a made-in-India system – the 386 teraflop Param Yuva 2 built by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, also in Pune, marking the return of CDAC to the Top500 list after a gap of almost 10 years. The third machine was based in Noida at the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting ( 318 TF).
The Council of Scientific Research says it will set up its own fastest supercomputer at India's first big data science institute in Bangalore The supercomputer will have a speed of 360 tera flops, making it the fourth fastest machine in the country and will be housed in the CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute (CSIR-4PI).
Indeed, there is so much action on the high performance computing front that the Supercomputing Education and Research Centre at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore now maintains an India list of fastest computers