Lenovo launches suite of smartphones in India

07th June 2013
Lenovo launches suite of smartphones in India
Amar Babu Managing Director, Lenovo India with Milko Van Duijl (Senior VP, Lenovo), JD Howard (VP, MIDH Business Operations and Worldwide Business Development, Lenovo) and Sudhin Mathur- Director, Smartphones for India. Inset: K 900 phone

New Delhi, June 7 2013: Six months after entering the phone market in india, Lenovo,  has added to its lineup of smartphones, from entry-level devices to top-end.

At 6.9mm, the Lenovo  K900 ( Rs 32,999) is the thinnest phone in its class by a wide margin and weighs a mere 162g. The S series (S820, S920 Rs. 26399) is the entertainment device, P series (P780, Rs. 26399 ) comes with heavy duty battery life, and the A series (A706 Rs. 15949, A390) is for the youthful and the first time smartphone users


Says Milko Van Duijl, Senior VP, Lenovo: “Our ultimate goal is to use innovation to differentiate Lenovo and become not only a leading PC+ brand, but also one of the most respected technology companies in the world. Our strategy for India will focus strongly on smartphones.”


Adds Amar Babu, Managing Director, Lenovo India: “The journey for Lenovo smartphones in India that  began last year November, takes a whole new dimension with the launch of 6 new power-packed mobile devices, which offer an excellent choice for smartphone buyers in India. Our retail footprint has grown considerably to 3000 retail stores, since we launched our first range of Smartphone last year.”

"Intel and Lenovo have raised the bar for smartphones with the K900. Our teams got together and worked closely to innovate around a number of important features and capabilities that our customers care most about such as power consumption, application switching and camera functionality. Then the Lenovo design team took this powerful platform and wrapped it up in a very attractive package with the K900. We are proud to be teaming with Lenovo to bring these innovations to market," said Debjani Ghosh, MD-Sales and Marketing, Intel South Asia. www.lenovo.com.

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