Intelligent networks, only way to address cloud and mobility-fuelled challenges: CommScope

01st May 2013
Intelligent networks, only way to address cloud and mobility-fuelled challenges: CommScope
From left:CommScope’s India & SAARC Managing Director, V Natarajan and Regional Director for Asia-Pacific, James Young in Bangalore recently (IndiaTechOnline photo)

Bangalore May 1 2013: Communications networking and infrastructure leader, CommScope believes intelligent networks are the only way to go, if enterprises are to keep their systems going in an environment where mobility and the cloud underpin all their operations. The harsh fact of life is this: The pace of mobility adoption by consumers -- which means both workforce and company visitors—has outrun the infrastructure and practices in place within enterprise facilities to support it*. IT and data centre managers are under severe pressure to keep their networks up and running at all times, reduce expensive downtime, conform to budget, reduce energy usage in their networks and still find the time to plan their networks’ upgrade paths… a seemingly impossible mandate. 

An “intelligent solution” to manage datacenters is therefore critical, indeed, may be the only option.
In a recent briefing for IndiaTechOnline, CommScope’s Regional Director for Asia-Pacific, James Young and India & SAARC Managing Director, V Natarajan shared their insights on how such an intelligent solution might be crafted – and suggested how CommScope tools and solutions provide the practical means to do so.
They pointed at recent tech solutions like:
- CommScope’s imVision - an intelligent approach to infrastructure management that gives IT managers unprecedented control over their network and the flexibility to thrive in today's business landscape and
- CommScope’s open,enterprise-class data center infrastructure management flowing from the recent acquisition of iTRACS. 

Some lessons could also be learned from the manner in whichCommScope solutions have been deployed with success by Indian enterprises like the Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai, one of the largest multi-speciality medical complexes in Asia. CommScope’s SYSTIMAX intelligent infrastructure with iPatch, provides the foundation for paperless administration and networked medical systems across 15,000 data outlets spread over the 2 million square metre hospital. Find case study here

Another successful application has been at the Indian Statistical Institute, headquartered on a 30 acre site in the northern suburbs of Kolkata, one of the country’s leading academic establishments. As part of an IT upgrade, that would meet all its needs for 20 years or more, ISI opted for 10G copper and fiber solutions from the CommScope SYSTIMAX portfolio and, by choosing the innovative VisiPatch patching solution, the Institute was able to simplifymaintenance and reduce costs
Find case study here

*Quoting Kevin St. Cyr, senior vice president, Enterprise Solutions at CommScope