For learners and teachers of all ages, a new free tool from India: LurnQ

01st April 2013
For learners and teachers of all ages, a new free tool from India: LurnQ

Mumbai April 1, 2013: Most us can teach even as we learn -- and as long as we remain interested, it is a process with no age bar. This seems to be the ‘mantra’ of new, free, e-learning resource created by Technium Labs, a start-up fuelled by talents from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Their offering is LurnQ , a unified, socially styled and open online learning platform for learners and teachers.
LurnQ makes online learning simple and noise free through is ‘Learn Feed’ and ‘Learn App’. For people who want to teach; the ‘Create Lesson’ app can take full advantage of the information scattered all over the web. In a very short time,
LurnQ has created 700 lessons, signed up over 5000 registered users, over 15,000 monthly unique users and over a million open learning resources.
Targeted at individual learners on the open web to support the informal lifelong learning process, LurnQ delivers relevant and interesting content and provides easy to use tools for publishing and curating lessons. Some key features of LurnQ:
Learn Feed: Lessons, opinions & updates around the user’s learning interests delivered to her in a familiar News-feed format.
Discover App: points you to content you are looking by scanning through authenticated open learning resources scattered all over the web.
Learn App recommends lessons based on the user specified interests and helps her find lessons that are interesting and relevant for her needs.
Teach App that allows teachers to create rich media lessons & express their opinions to help their followers/students understand.
Library App, the users’ personal repository of learning. It allows the user to store all that catches her learning eye within LurnQ and from around the web through a simple “Bookmarklet” for easy retrieval anytime, anywhere.

Says LurnQ Co-founder and CEO, Tarun Mitra: “On a vision level, we want to develop LurnQ as the core learning utility that learner’s use everyday ubiquitously on all devices to learn and manage their learning. Low education coverage, rising demand from various segments and growing internet penetration along with increasing government participation makes e-learning a lucrative sector in India. We want to create a unified and personalized learning experience for our users in an increasingly overwhelming digital learning environment. LurnQ is relevant for everyone in general and to digital natives in particular”.

Tarun is an experienced startup CEO with successful track record of building and scaling up businesses globally. Prior to Founding Technium Labs, Tarun was a co-founder of Somga Healthcare, a company engaged in providing subscription based application for healthcare data administration and insurance transaction processing for US healthcare entities.
The investment to develop LurnQ was made by Seedfund– an India based investment firm.