Swiss mail handling leader, FramaAG enters India market

25th March 2013
Swiss mail handling leader, FramaAG enters India market
Top: The Frama HQ in Lauperswil, Switzerland. Bottom from left: Swiss Ambassador to India Dr. Linus von Castelmur flanked by FramaAG’s Thomas P Haug, and Amit Mital.

 March 24, 2013: Switzerland-based global leader in mail handling and data management solutions, FramaAG, has entered the Indian market, marketing its Remotely Managed Postal Franking Machines as well as other products.Franking systems automate, account for and protect Postal Revenue while saving postal expenditure. The company promises to bring its the Swiss mail handling and money handling technology to the Indian market.


Thomas P. Haug, CEO of Frama Group said at the media event on March 21 that besides launching its top class mailing products, Frama India also brings to the table a state-of-the-art Stamp Duty collection System. "The system can be remotely managed, secured and provides instant service to end-users who wish to purchase Non-Judicial Stamp Papers and other stamp papers in the country."

"The Company aims to secure a 20% market share in the mail handling and Stamp Duty Collection systems market in India", he added.

Speaking on the occasion, the Swiss Ambassador in India, Dr. Linus Von Castelmur said, "It is a great pleasure for me to see one more Swiss company entering the Indian market today, thus contributing to the already well established presence of about 200 Swiss companies who have invested in this country. FRAMA is typical example of a SME that form the backbone of our industry: deeply rooted in Switzerland and taking its well known values such as quality, reliability and precision onto the global market with highly sophisticated competitive and state- of- the- art products. FRAMA will certainly leave its mark in India and help many companies and public Institution to become more efficient when it come to franking and opening letters.

The company announced the launch of its Matrix Series of mailing products in India. These are Matrix F2, F4 and F6. While Matrix F2 is targeted at the small office/ home office users, the F4 is targeted at users that push at least 50 mails per day and is aimed at the mid-sized organizations. The Matrix F6 is the flagship model suited for organizations that need to handle more than 100 mails per day and need high volumes periodically.Frama has also introduced innovative Letter Openers and Letter Folders.

Talking about Frama India’s go to market strategy, Amit Mital, Executive Director of Frama India said the company plans to build up a nationwide distribution network for sales and service throughout India. "It is our clear goal to offer our range of products, systems, services and solutions pan- India within the next 2-3 years. While initially we will be importing the machines from Switzerland, in the long run,we are open to the idea of manufacturing Frama products in India," he added.
Mital added that all Frama tax meters come with the unique dual colour stamping feature and thermal impression, which is difficult to copy and thereby can effectively handle fraud and stamp forging issue.
The Indian Department of Posts approval allows vendors to sell their franking systems in the Indian market