Playing with money -- literally!

30th December 2008
Playing with money -- literally!

December 31, 2008; MUMBAI:


Playing with your money in the share market has got a whole new meaning -- virtually that is. Rediff Money Wiz, the Personal Finance Service of the Indian search portal, has launched a 'Share Bazaar game', where 'investors' can trade using 'game rupees'.


Interestingly, the game is based on the Bombay Stock Exchange, where players can buy and sell shares according to actual market quotes. the biggest advantage is that the virtual stock excahnge operates 24/7, and players can form their own teams when they trade on shares. The idea apparently is to 'learn the tricks without personal risks'.


We have a better idea. With the economic slowdown, it would be rather heartwarming to play the cards sensibly and earn some quick bucks -- so what if its only virtual?


The game can be found at