Smart Tech Healthcare conference returns to NCR

New Delhi, July 12 2018: The 3rd Annual Smart Tech Healthcare 2018  conference is scheduled to be held on Septemb 20-21 2018 in Gurugram, National Capital Region.

Like the first and second annual  events,  it is  focused on  redefining healthcare & IT-- with more than 20 thought leaders  350 attendees including  stake holders from public & private health institutions,  policy makers, regulatory bodies, technology gurus from across the globe. Building thought leadership across the ecosystem, this year’s conference focuses on an increasingly business & consumer oriented, technology-enabled and collaborative approach to improving digital health.

The format of the event  brings  together the key stakeholders such as CEO’s Medical Directors, CIOs, CISOs and VPs from the Healthcare institutions across India to educate and help them procure the next generation healthcare solutions and the driving factors in implementing  technology to its best.

Conference Highlights

  • Insights on digitalizing Ayushman Bharat program and its impact in the healthcare system

  • Learn about new technology implementations by healthcare facilities for better healthcare

  • Understand the key drivers for profitable growth in in the organization

  • Gain insights on new methodologies for improved patient care and worker efficiency

  • Implement automated administrative and clinical processes

  • Live demo on remote diagnosis

  • Understand how health analytics is contributing to digital health

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