New headphones from Quantum HiTech

16th February 2016
New headphones  from Quantum HiTech

February 16 2016: Consumer  electronics  leader QHMPL,  has launched a new pair of  Quantum HiTech headphones -- ‘QHM 880’  --  which crystal clear sound as well as unwanted  noise cancellation.
Making sure the rhythms are pure and unadulterated, its patented acoustic chamber design offers fine listening experience. The low frequency sounds are well recognizable from mid and high frequency sounds which results in a fuller, thicker and complete audio experience.
The  headphone comes in two different models: One with Single Pin backed with 3.5mm jack and is packed with extra convertor, thus making it a compatible device for all the audiophiles who love listening to their favorite beats on their mobile phones, MP3 Players and Tablets.
The second model is equipped with double pin jacks and is aided with inbuilt mic, thus allowing one to make voice calls effortlessly. One can rotate the mic to boom up the sound or out of the way to mute, thus making it a perfect companion for laptops and desktops. The product is already available at leading retail stores and ecommerce portals  at an MRP of Rs 423.