Digisol launches a mobile N router

Mumbai, December 16  2015: Digisol, a brand of Smartlink Network Systems Mumbai,  has  launched a new150Mbps Wireless 4G/3G Mi-Fi Broadband router.

The DG-HR1070MS  with its Li-ion 2800mAh battery is an  ideal device to carry and connect to Internet instantly. The Micro SD card slot on the router can be used for storage using SD card up to 32GB. It uses the latest wireless IEEE802.11n technology to stream data at 150Mbps to its wireless clients.

The built-in 4G/3G antenna provides a reliable connection to your 4G/3G service provider It is  truly plug and play, With Built-in Software for Instant Access Anywhere into the router you can connect without the need to install anything. Open a browser, connect the router, and you can set up your network right from a web interface. This means that notebooks and net books without a CD-ROM drive can connect in no time. Once the device is set up, you can simply power it on to start up your portable mobile network, meaning that you can share your mobile Internet connection without the need of a computer. DG-HR1070MS  costs Rs 7999.