Kaspersky Internet Security --multidevice

28th September 2015
 Kaspersky Internet  Security --multidevice

One-shot remedy
Bangalore, September 28 2015: In the traditional wisdom of Kerala-based  ayurveda, Ottamooli or  "single ingredient" is a cure based on a single dose -- something  only seasoned practitioners  dare  to prescribe.   The latest  editions of Kaspersky's Internet security solutions  include a  product  that seems similarly inspired: 
Since most of us switch seamlessly from  surfing the Internet from phone, PC, notebook or tablet , the company has come out  with a  product that  takes  on  malware and Net baddies across  multiple desktop and mobile platforms --PC, Mac and Android-- instead of making us buy separate  products for each class of device.
"Kaspersky Internet  Security -- multidevice 2016"  protects privacy, money transactions, your identity and valuable photos against Net threats  with one licence, one product,  for  up to five of your devices --PCs, Android phones and tablets.  The software addresses many new threats: blocking intrusive banner advertisements,   putting online buying through its own  secure filter;  prevent tracking of your webcam, blocking inappropriate  content from reaching your kids. The one year subscription for 5 devices  is Rs  2399.  
Almost 99% of mobile malware is directed at the Android platform -- so it is wise to protect your mobile internet activity  -- not just your desktop surfing.