Affordable Smart TV accessory from LatestOne

21st July 2015
Affordable  Smart TV accessory from LatestOne

Hyderabad July 21  2015:  Tech accessories retailer  has launched a smart alternative to expensive smart TVs.  
The AnyCast Ezcast WiFi DLNA Media Sharing Wireless HDMI Adapter is a new generation  HDMI HD Media Streamer. It is a remote-free cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac) wireless display device, which receives and displays the contents you  love, from internet and from your own portable devices like: smart phones, tablets, notebook, and Mac. It casts videos, audios, photos, MS office files, PDF files, games to HDTV or wireless projectors. It can mirror whatever shown on the screen of your smart phone, tablet, notebook, or PC to your HDTV or projector. The playback function here as well takes place through “Cast” button. Overall, it is a useful tool for your home multimedia entertainment , and also a powerful tool for your office presentation. 
The  AnyCast WiFi DLNA Media Sharing Wireless HDMI Adapter costs Rs 1399.
TechNote: Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a nonprofit collaborative standards organization established by Sony and Intel in June 2003, that is responsible for defining interoperability guidelines to enable sharing of digital media between multimedia devices. These guidelines are built upon existing public standards.