Logitech brings fastest gaming mouse to India

Bangalore, September 15 2014: Hardcore Pro-gamers carry their mouse from  contest to contest and  like to adjust  its sensitivity depending on the game. Precision sniping calls for low DPIs, while  high speed maneuvers and  car chases call for sweeps that are faster than what a human arm can accomplish.

Logitech has brought "the world's  fastest gaming mouse" -- the G 402 Hyperion Fury --  to India and lets the user dynamically adjust the sensitivity from 240  DPI to 4000 DPI. 

Users can attain speeds up to 1270 cm /sec. There are 8 preset options  and to support  this dizzying action, Logitech has embedded a 32 bit ARM processor into the mouse.

Says Ashok Jangra, Logitech's  Cluster Category Manager, India & South West Asia: “After three years of intensive R&D, it is a moment of pride for Logitech to finally launch the G402 Hyperion Fury.  The lightweight design delivers high speed moves, unprecedented precision with maximum accuracy, which makes the mouse an essential device for a FPS (first person shooter) gamer. With Fusion Engine, it allows you to make fast, furious swipes which enable you to dominate the battlefield."

The Fusion Engine in Hyperion Fury, created by Logitech engineers, solves a problem many FPS players have: their mouse can’t track as fast as they can move. By combining state-of-the-art optical sensor technology with an accelerometer and gyroscope, the Fusion Engine provides  superior tracking speed

The G402 Hyperion Fury was launched - appropriately --  last week, at one of Bangalore's popular haunts for gamers,  the LXG Gaming Lounge, in Indiranagar.  It costs Rs 2495.