Bangalore developer launches 1-click browser-based video conferencing tool

11th July 2014
Bangalore  developer launches 1-click browser-based video conferencing tool

Bangalore, July 12 2014: Many small companies use  videoconferencing   solutions  to save on travel costs, but they work well only at good connect speeds.  All you require is a desktop/laptop/mobile with internet connection. 
A Bangalore-based  developer has launched 1Click, a browser-based  face -to-face calling tool that is made for the low internet speeds  we have to live with -- as low as 50 KBPS for voice and 300 KBPS for video.
It is a lean-n-mean solution that strips away all the complication from organising a  conference call with 8  persons or more. Embedding  the app in one's home page is as simple  pasting a small chunk of code and users need to click just once on a link to join in -- on phone, tablet or PC.
SMEs generally depend on solutions like Webex, Google Hangout or Skype. With the possible exception of the last which is not exactly for corporate use, such solutions  take time to set up and to enable users to join in.   1ckick addresses this complexity.
This will be the way recruiters  will organise interviews in the future and  patients consult with doctors  from the comfort of their home. 1click is among a handful of highly rated global products in a category called WebRTC which enablesreal-time communications from the browser – no downloads, no plugins necessary.   Free trials are available at  after which solutions for corporates start at $ 15.
For a few days we have a video on the product in our home page Tech Video spot.