Do your tax returns online -- for free

28th July 2009
Do your tax returns online -- for free

e-Lagaan's friendly   return preparation tool is free for  individual  salaried tax payers with income below Rs 350,000

Put off  that Income Tax return for too long? Now  in the final week,   before the July 31 deadline, you are in a mild panic?  Relax, this year, Indian tax payers  are being offered a host of web based services -- and even the government has got its act place to facilitate e-filing.

A Bangalore-based startup,  Lamingo Systems,  has created a user friendly  portal that eases the pain of preparing IT returns.  There are two tiers of  services priced at Rs 149 and Rs 249, depending on the special  features like clubbing of income, carry forward loss/profit etc.  But what sets apart e-Lagaan from dozens of similar sites is its free  tax  return preparation tool for  single employer  salaried persons  or pensioners whose total taxable income is below Rs 350,000.  This means  a lot of people wjho would be filling the  ITR-1 form this year.

e-Lagaan is the brainchild of a small team headed by  chartered accountant  Monika Rungta and  IT/financial analyst Navin Kumar

Find their  IT portal at

Thanks guys! You  have come as a life saver for many of us!