Monitor your phone data usage with free Data Diary app

13th February 2014
Monitor your phone data usage with free Data Diary app

Mumbai, February 13, 2014: India, US and Singapore-based mobile measurement pioneer Informate Mobile Intelligence has extended its Apple iOS app., Datadiary, to the Android mobile platform.
This a digital diary that allows you to monitor and track your Android phone’sdata usage. DataDiary identifies apps which use most of your data. DataDiary also measures the data consumed on various networks you connect to.
DataDiary’s simple charts show trends to compare app usage during the current and previous months. DataDiary breaks down data usage into 4 simple charts:
• App DataDiary – Identifies ‘data guzzlers’ by giving you a break-down ofdata usage of the top data consuming apps
• Network DataDiary - Monitor data usage by cellular and Wi-Fi networks you connect to
• Hourly DataDiary - Check hourly data usage to understand the time of the day when your usage is highest
• Trends - Monitoring not restricted to current month, you can check the previous month’s daily/ weekly usage as well.

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