A one-stop-shop for all you need to know about Big Data

Chennai, December 1 2013: India and Singapore-based big data startup Crayon Data has launched content and resource aggregation site for big data, the first ever of its kind outside of the US. Named BigData-MadeSimple.com, it aims to be the one stop shop for anyone looking for information related to big data including articles, events, videos, announcements across sectors, companies and technologies. Verticals include media, healthcare, travel & hospitality, analytics, pharma etc. DQ Channels reports:

This big data knowledge platform uses the latest data aggregation technology for collating and categorizing information from numerous sources on big data hence simplifying the quest for information for visitors to this platform. It targets decision makers at enterprises, start-ups in the space, analysts, students and academicians.


Says Srikant Sastri, founder, Crayon Data: "Through bigdata-madesimple.com, we hope to achieve two things, one; to de-mystify the world of Big Data, and make it more accessible and action-oriented for everyone. Two; to provide a single source of information, and destination for anyone who is interested in tracking Big Data trends, whether enterprise users, analysts, investors, techies or students."