India = Bharat on search? Well, almost!

The biggest eCommerce centres according to ebay are Mumbai Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai and Kolkata, in that order.

Over 2421 cities generated online transactions in 2007. Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka saw the largest number of towns where eCommerce originated.
At least one- third of all products bought at eBay by customers in the remoter areas like Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and the North Eastern states were technology gadgets like Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras and USB Drives. The main centres for handicrafts were Devanagere (Karnataka), Chittaurgarh (Rajasthan); Lucknow and Kunnamkulam (Kerala).

Traditional Handicrafts are harnessing e-com as never before: Kashmiris sell the most carpets across India. Jodhpur crafts makers sell the ethnic wooden furniture.

The eBay Census also revealed many interesting trends about the online shopping habits of India?s Silicon City, Bangalore:

Bangaloreans gave the most to charity in India. They bought the most magic tricks and picnicware & insect repellants on eBay

They out-bought the rest of the country when it came to maternity wear and books on pregnancy. House proud Bangaloreans bought the most furniture and home fragrances, as well as the most face care products.

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