From F5, a mobile app manager to enable BOYD

Bangalore, February 20, 2013 –  Global leader in Application Delivery Networking F5 Networks, Inc., has unveiled  a new hybrid cloud solution for mobile application management that enables organizations to safely and cost-effectively support enterprise BYOD initiatives:   F5Mobile App Manager.The solution was introduced  to Indian  media at a presentation here by Satish Nair, Senior Manager of Systems Engineering, F5 Networks India & SAARC.


Enterprises can extend corporate applications and data to employees’ personal mobile devices while leaving all personal content under the control of the device owner.Employees prefer this approach because it isolates their personal data from corporate oversight yet gives them the convenience of using their own mobile devices for both work and personal use. For IT organizations, F5 Mobile App Manager relieves the burden and responsibility of managing employee-owned devices while still enabling them to control device access to their network, track inventory, monitor threats and vulnerabilities, and protect corporate information.


As a hybrid cloud offering, F5 Mobile App Manager opens up new opportunities for enterprises that have not yet embraced BYOD, enabling them to do so without incurring the expense of deploying and managing yet another solution in their own data centers. For organizations dissatisfied with their MDM solutions, F5 Mobile App Manager provides a secure, flexible, and cost-effective alternative that is less invasive and restrictive for employees.