Actis enters energy management arena with slate of solutions for home and office

18th February 2013
Actis enters energy management arena with slate of solutions for home and office

Mumbai, February 18 2013: Actis Technologies,  better known for  audio-visual technology solutions has  entered the arena of integrated Energy Management Systems with solutions like Lighting control, daylight harvesting with high tech solar adaptive shading solutions, green building systems and Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting fixtures.

Actis’ solutions will accurately measure, analyze and control the energy consumption in modern sustainable buildings. The solutions are aimed at corporate, residential & hospitality sectors.


Says Abhimanyu Gupta, Director, Actis Technologies, “Frequent power shortages and increase in energy costs have dampened the growth of the Indian industry in the last few years and this impact will continue to increase. Actis plans to partner with Indian industry in bringing these solutions to the fore and implement solutions that will bring clearly measurable benefits to businesses and consumers”.


Daylight Harvesting refers to the optimum use of natural light while using the artificial lighting. Actis Technologies plans to decrease the lighting power consumption depending on the sunlight available with the help of technologies like solar adaptive shading systems. The systems will be able to adjust the artificial lighting based on the position and angle of the sun at any given point of the day. The shades reduce glare and solar heat gain in the space, creating a comfortable work environment. It maximizes the amount of available daylight entering a space, enhancing the energy saving potential by 15%.


In addition to the sun based adaptive systems, Actis will also be providing sensor technologies that maximizes views as well as available daylight by compensating for cloudy conditions and shadows from neighbouring buildings. This technology works in conjunction with the solar adaptive shading solutions. The sensor detects levels of daylight and overrides the adaptive shading solutions ensuring that shades only close when conditions are appropriate. Most importantly, this process is completely automated and happens without any human intervention.


Actis Tech also offer Occupancy Sensors which aids in conserving energy in an unoccupied space by turning off lights resulting into energy savings by 15% (in open office space) up to 80% (in storage areas like closets). The tuning mechanism in the Actis’ offering which also helps in mood lighting saves about 20% of energy.


Among all the lighting technologies, LED lighting  is the emerging segment due to its efficiency and long useful life. Actis will be introducing dimmable LED lighting fixtures which are cost-effective option for lighting a home or office space due to its long lifetime and shock resistance as compared to other incandescent light bulbs. These lighting fixtures can be controlled individually in a space with available natural light reducing energy costs by about 10%.