Broadcom addresses BYOD challenge -- at network level

Bangalore. – January 29, 2013, Gartner has called the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend the “single most radical shift” in business computing since the PC invaded the workplace.  But for IT departments, BYOD can be a real headache as they find themselves managing a flood of different devices, apps and platforms that each come with their own risks and benefits. Global  communications  semiconductor leader Broadcom has addressed the need of IT infrastructure managers to  cater to BYOD without compromising network security. The company has just announced four new switch system-on-a-chip families that address the BYOD networking needs of different-sized companies, from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. 

BCM5333x Series and BCM5334x Series are targeted at small businesses, while the BCM56150 Series is designed for mid-sized enterprises and the BCM56340 Series is for large-scale enterprises.

For starters, the BCM56340 series  has been announced in India. 
Built on the proven StrataXGS architecture, the BCM56340 Series delivers more than 120 Gbps of line-rate performance with large forwarding tables, to meet the needs of a growing mobile user base in enterprise campus networks

“Mobile device use in the enterprise continues to scale at a dramatic rate, straining the network in terms of bandwidth, data security, and connectivity to services. IT managers are seeking solutions to enable a considerably more agile and secure network,” said Ram Velaga, Broadcom Vice President and General Manager of the Core Switching Group. “Our new StrataXGS devices are designed from the ground up to address these challenges, delivering maximum stackable port density and performance, distributed security intelligence, and unified switching across LANs, WLANs, and data centers – all in a single chip solution.”

Volume production is slated for the second half of 2013. 

Full BYOD range  overview: