Game, set and match with Indiagames’ Wii tennis

04th June 2009
Game, set and match with  Indiagames’  Wii tennis

It’s nicely timed for the weeks leading to Wimbledon. India’s largest games developer, Indiagames has brought virtual tennis   to the Nintendo Wii platform. In recent weeks, the game was previewed at contests held in Mumbai and Bangalore where hundreds of Wii enthusiasts, vied ( cheap pun!)  with each other in ‘single’ tournaments  that went on all day long. 
The game exploits the motion sensitive features of   the Wii remote that can be handled like a racket to manoeuvre the ball on the screen.
IndiaGames CEO Vishal Gondal was there at the Bangalore event last week , cheering the players, some of them pre-teens,  dishing out cupos of coffee to all comers ( and silver coated cups to the winners of every match) . He told me the   Wii tennis game was available for free and had been uploaded to the Wii India user group at Facebook. 
Indiagames is a part of the UTV media and entertainment group.
( Anand Parthasarathy at Bangalore June 4 2009)