Coming soon; Mobile navigation in Indian languages

31st May 2009
Coming soon; Mobile navigation in Indian languages

CDAC's 'Saarathy'  GPS  tool offers 'one click'  emergency  alert
Pune: The Pune-based Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)  has   harnessed its known strength in Indian language computing technology to  Global Positon System - based  navigation using mobile phones.  One of four  technologies unveiled at its recent Foundation Day,  the 'Saarathy'   location based  service  solution,   can be deployed on GPS-enabled cell phones and  comes in ( currently) three language versions: English, Hindi and Malayalam.   Other Indian languages  are being added,  researches in Pune told IndiaTechOnline.
While the navigation features of Saarathy ( Sanskrit for guide, and a reference to Lord Krishna's saarathy  and charioteer, Arjuna)   --  as a  route finder or a location-sensitive tagging  tool for photos is fairly standard,  its language edge will enable mobile service providers to add value to their Indian customers who might be challenged by having to use English-language services.  Also interesting is a one touch  emergency feature, which sends out an SMS alert with the sender's coordinates: something that parents will like to see in the hands of their children. It will also be useful for those  faced by a medical or other emergency. 
C-DAC is talking to Indian telecom service providers  who might  deploy the technology as  part of their value added services.
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