promises steamy hot deal-a-day

Caters to Indian's love of 'paise vasool' - money's worthBangalore,

October 19, 2012: An Australia-education former analyst with Ernst&Young, has created a compelling Web-based selling site that promises a steamy hot deal-a-day. ( ) is the brain child of Monash University and Melbourne University alumnus Ayush Trivedi who honed his skills in strategy consulting for Ernst & Young and DC Strategy. For some 8 months now, has been offering an aggressive priced product a day – All deals will start at 10 am and last for 24 hours only. The items have ranged from the new Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet – the first Indian shopping portal to offer this product, within days of its global launch – to the new iPhone 5, which was available well ahead of Apple’s official launch in India which is yet to come.

“We use our extensive contacts in the market to obtain a fixed number of a new and popular consumer product -- as high end mobile phones, tablets, cameras, home appliances, watches, fashion accessories, cosmetics, jewellery -- for just one day” explained Ayush in a special briefing for IndiaTechOnline. He points to’s “Money Where Our Mouth Is Promise” : if a customer finds a deal advertised at a cheaper price on a competitor's website, they get it free.