From Zebronicsa, a bright yellow keyboard with LARGE lettering

New Delhi, June 09, 2012: It’s not just the very young or those with poor eyesight who are often challanged by having to hit the right keys on the standard computer keyboard…. Many middleaged users face  the same problems  and wish the makers would print bigger letters on the keys. Zebronics has come with an answer to such prayers – a very affordable keyboard with the alphabet and characters,  twice as big as what one normally finds.

Thebright yellow keys and oversized lettering, making it more user friendly for first-time users as well as in heavy usage scenarios or for those whose vision may have degenerated over time for various reasons. With plug-and-play technology for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and 98, the keyboard comes in both USB ( Rs 350) and PS/2 ( Rs 300) interface variants .  

The India distributor is Top Notch Infotronix