Vinay Awasthi, Senior Director, Personal Systems Group, HP India, and Anneliese Olson, Vice-President, Computing Solutions, Services & Accessories, HP Asia Pacific & Japan, at the launch of the HPZ1 workstation in Delhi, April 5 2012
HP unveils first-ever all-in-one workstation

New Delhi April 6, 2012 – Hewlett Packard has squeezed a professional workstation fuelled by quad-core Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA 3D graphics into the form factor of a 27-inch HD LED backlit display -- creating the first ever all-in-one workstation in this size.

True to its mantra, ‘Power without the Tower’, the HP Z1 dispenses with the hitherto unavoidable tower cabinet and still offers up to 2 TB of 3.5 inch SATA storage. Built for computer-aided design, digital media and entertainment professionals-- an engineer creating 3-D component or an architect designing buildings or a videographer editing event footage -- the HP Z1 includes DVD R/W or Blu-ray writer drive; a1080p HD webcam and up to 32 GB of DDR3 memory. 

Available Operating systems include a choice between Windows 7 professional 32 or 64 bit; SUSE Linux enterprise or RedHat enterprise desktop/ workstation. The asking price is just shy of Rs 1,00,000 which makes it marginally cheaper than HP’s similarly spec’ed workstation laptops. Worldwide shipment begins this month.

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